Rental general conditions

Conditions of reservation

Please send us the reservation file with a deposit check of 30% of the total amount of your rental.

Booking File:

  • Booking form dated and signed.
  • Lease dated and signed (signature preceded by the words "read and approved"
  • Certificate from your insurer or, copy of your contract of civil liability "holiday resort". In case of large damage under your responsibility (fire, deterioration of the spa...) we will make an insurance claim and a claim for compensation will be made with your insurer.


Conditions of payment

Deposit with booking (30%)

Payment of the balance: 1 month before the date of your stay.

If we do not receive the payment before the due date, then the rent will be canceled and the deposit check will be kept at the Logis des 3 Lacs.

In case you make a reservation less than a month before the beginning of your stay, the total amount of the rent will be asked.

At your arrival we will ask for 2 deposit checks: 350€ and 50€.

The 350€ check will be given back to you 48h after you left as long as there are no degradation problems, and the 50€ check in the condition that the trailers are clean when you leave.


Payment from France

By check. Order : C.E. de Chalain « Logis des 3 Lacs »

Chèques vacances accepted with a supplement of 10€ for the file fees.

After the delivery of your reservation, a confirmation email will be sent to you.


Payment from abroad

Transfer payment: a deposit check for reservation (30% of the amount of the rental) and then the totality of the amount for the whole stay.

Contact us for banking contact.


Cancellation fees

In case you cancel more than 7 days after reception of your reservation, we will keep:

20% of the total amount for a cancellation happening more than 30 days before the arrival date.

80% of the total amount for a cancellation happening less than 30 days before the arrival date.

If your stay is shortened you will not be reimbursed.


Number of persons

The lodgings are made for a certain number of persons, so when you make a reservation you will have to be very specific and indicate us the number of adults and children.

It will not be possible go over the official number of persons per lodgings, and especially without our agreement.


Fees for your stay

You will have to pay once at the Logis des 3 Lacs: 0.23€ per day and per person.

(Free for children under 13 years old)



Dogs and cats are not admitted.


Electrical consumption

If you use more than the official tariffs, you will have to pay 0.15€/KW.

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